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The first video of the CODE//54 challenge is live!

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CODE//54 is a 54 video YouTube series where we learn to code, prepare for job interviews, and land developer jobs.

Explore the Smoljames way


Learn To Code

Advance your coding skills from zero (literally zero) to hero as we dive into the 6 part Full Stack Web development curriculum.



11 videos

Learn the Foundations of Web Development including material not limited to HTML, CSS, GIT, responsive web design, CRUD applications, deployment and more!


Frontend Development

11 videos

Delve deeper into the world of web development with JavaScript Web Frameworks, CSS libraries and dynamic web pages.


Gaining Momentum

7 videos

You're off to a great start! So now it's time to learn about the common pitfulls that most developers face such as Tutorial Hell, Imposter Syndrome, feeling overwhelmed. We also cover the best learning code methods, how to stay focused, project planning and more.


Backend Development

14 videos

Upgrade your skills from Frontend Development to Full Stack development by learning all about the backend. The path won't always be easy, but the rewards will be worth it!


Full Stack Development

7 videos

It's time to tie all our knowledge together and start building some serious projects! Perfect for consolidating all your skills and impressing prospective employers - or maybe even building a billion dollar startup :o


Land a Developer Job

4 videos

The last step is to make sure your public branding is on fleek and that your presentation makes you extremely desirable. Then it's just a matter of time and a number of conversations until you've land your job!

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Prepare For Interviews

Perfect your public image on platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub, practice your interviewing skills, compete in live coding challenges, and get comprehensive project feedback.

Project Feedback

Get feedback for your projects and have them featured in a YouTube video or in the weekly newsletter.

Mock Interviews

Join me for Mock Interview videos to practice your interviewing skills!

Coding Battles

Challenge me to a coding battle where we program all sorts of applications.

Job Application Guide

Check out the Job Application Guide writtin on the Web Development Roadmap for some further reading.

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And finally . . .


Land A Job

After finishing the CODE//54 challenge, it is but a matter of time and conversations until you have your Full Stack Developer role!

For those with questions, qualms or queries . . .

When can I start?

You can start today! The first video is live and available to watch, and the rest will be coming weekly.

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How many videos will there be?

54 to be exact! Split up across 6 chapters.

How often are new videos released?

There will be 1 new video per week!

Is there a support community?

Absolutely! We have a very friendly Discord channel where you can engage, ask for support and message any questions you may have.

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Do I need any prior programming experience?

No programming experience is required to participate in this challenge! It's Zero to Hero.

How do I stay notified for new releases?

Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter where each release will be announced, and turn on your notification bell for the Smoljames channel on YouTube.

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Is the course relevant in 2023?

It sure is, as that is when it was made! It's relevant to all the latest material and best practices.

How do I participate the in the preparation challenges?

Make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter and a member of the Discord channel!

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Who authors the course?

None other than Smoljames himself! A self-taught developer who understands the strifes and struggles of aspiring developers. You can learn more about his story in this video!

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